Studios/Rehearsal rooms at KunstWerk Cologne

Professional artists and musicians who want to work in KunstWerk on a long-term basis and who want to get involved in our association can rent studios and rehearsal rooms. Here you can find information about rental conditions and how to apply for studios, workshops and rehearsal rooms.

How much do rooms cost? In the house there are currently about 75 studios and 15 rehearsal rooms, they are between 15 and 120 sqm in size and cost 5.40 €/sqm cold plus currently 2.25 €/sqm service charge prepayment.

Please note: The membership fee in the KunstWerk Köln association is added to the rental prices.

Here are three examples:

a 20 sqm studio costs 108.00 € cold per month, plus 45.00 € service charge prepayment,
a 40 sqm studio costs 216.00 € cold per month, plus 90.00 € service charge prepayment,
a 60 sqm studio costs 324.00 € cold per month, plus 135.00 € service charge prepayment.

The service charge statement is prepared annually.

We rent only to members, i.e. with the beginning of the tenancy the tenant must join our association. The membership costs 50,00 € per year (in case of joining during the year the membership fee is reduced by 12,50 € per quarter).

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